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Welcome to The Inteligence Division.

I'm a founding member and managing director of art collective Unredacted Productions. Find out more about us here:

Thoughts on any of my work? I'd love to hear them. Use any form on this site or drop me an email via the address below.
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Best Ambassador:
Movellys 2017

Winner of the Best Trailer Category:
Drawing+Writing Competition 2016 with 'Glacier Towers'

Winner of 'music' category- Young happy Minds Competition 2015-
Humphrey The Wonderdog

Winner of local library short story competition - Breakfast With A Rabbit

Second place, local poetry competition- unpublished work.

Greetz to sceners.

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    mumbled "Where my music is up to"

    I just finished this remix of a friend's concerto. I've stolen from more genres than I care to count, it's crazy experimental, and the whole thing took me weeks. I'm used to such projects taking hours.

    Buuut.... with nicer equipment comes more ability generally, and I've achieved things in this piece that go back to last year I never would have dreamed of even trying. I'm pretty happy with it, but as it's a remix I'm unable to release it elsewhere.
    Please listen, hopefully enjoy, and tell me what you think :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    The Intelligence Division

    PS Please ignore the rest of the soundcloud account... it's basically just a dumping ground I use for works in progress and unreleasable things. If you want to hear the things I'm taking seriously atm, please visit .
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    mumbled "Thank you!!"

    So the parcel contained my Movellys award!
    Thank you so much @[Skye S] , @[Adison] and everyone else on the team!
    It looks really beautiful! It's been an absolute pleasure working with you guys, and helping the site has been really, really great fun. I look forward to continuing to do so over the coming months and beyond.
    Thank you once again,
    victoria keating
    2 months ago
    This piece started out fairly slow and a bit forced. But I stuck with it and originate it became really quite good about a quarter of the way in as the reporter arrives to town. Nice portrayals of the persons he meets.
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    mumbled "A package arrived from Denmark this morning..."

    I know nothing about stamps... or the Danish postal service, but these are pretty cute <3
    The package says it's from Movellas... I'm gonna open it :D
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