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The Hero Legends is a series of stories based in a world where Heroes and Villains are perfectly real, and go beyond your typical bank robbers and police officers. In this world, super powers exist, though not without a price. For some there are rules or restriction, for others there were sacrifices. For all there is power.
And even those without powers - those who have not been gifted by a greater power or gained powers through science - must pay the price of their actions...Hero or Villain.
How will the world react? What will the governments do? And what part do corporations like Genesis Incorporated play in this new world?
Prepare for a world where new super powered individuals could appear at any time; where it's not always easy to tell who's a Hero and who's a Villain; where loyalties are constantly being challenged.
Prepare for the Hero Legends Universe.

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    mumbled "New Life Project - Restarting The Hero Chronicles"

    This will hopefully be the last ever 'rebirth' of The Hero Chronicles...hopefully. Excluding universe-changing events reminiscent of DC's 'New 52' or 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' (or MARVEL's 'All New, All Different' or 'MARVEL NOW!').
    Although I am quite comfortable with the 'Comic Book Script' format, it is not the ideal form for reading. Therefore I'm returning to the traditional format of short stories/novels. This will mean the cancellation of the Issue-by-Issue Series, and the website is going to need a major rehaul to make this possible.
    I am also going to have to 'replan' much of The Hero Chronicles in order to fit my existing ideas into a novel (or at least an Anthology of Stories). Therefore it may take some time for any new Hero Chronicles stories to appear...anywhere. this space for more. I may end up releasing these stories 'direct-to-print', though part of me would prefer not to.
    I hope to release the new, reborn, Hero Chronicles soon.
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    Thanks for the update!
    The Hero Legends
    3 years ago
    The Hero Chronicles is being renamed "The Champion Chronicles".
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    mumbled "Movement"

    Hello all. So here's the thing: I have a website dedicated to The Hero Chronicles, and I plan on releasing the Issues there...exclusively.
    Before I forget, here's the web address:
    My plan is to release the first Issue of any new series on Movellas so people can see it, but then the rest of the Issues will be on the website.
    Head on over to my website and take a little look. It's a bit simple for now, but hopefully interesting as well.
    Thanks for the support.
    The Hero Legends
    3 years ago
    Oh, and don't forget to check out my Facebook page:
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    mumbled "The Hero Chronicles Week 2"

    Week 2 of The Hero Chronicles has begun, and Issue #2 of Black Shadow is already out. Next up is Ombraspada Issue #2, followed by Blood-Shot Issue #2.
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