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It is me in my profile picture. I'm called Amy. I'm Irish, of course.

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    mumbled "I've Had A Bad Da- Month..."

    Over the past month, I've been egged, beaten up twice, got sour milk poured on me, got my locker kicked in, books stolen, got death threats, told to kill myself (I tried), and they tried to take my dog.
    Now, I'm not saying this so you'll pity me. I'm saying this because it has to stop happening to people. Bullying is wrong. I didn't do anything. I'm an Irish atheist living in England, and for that, they hate me.
    If you know someone who's being bullied, tell some one. Put an end to it.
    6 years ago
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    I hope you talked to school officials and the principle :/ You shouldn't have that happen to you in school. It takes a brave person to speak up like this. Stay strong.
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    I did. They had a talk with the year, but nothing's changed. I've ended up ditching school a lot this year... :/
    Thanks, though. :) xx
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    Your grammar isn't great, but that can be fixed. :) The story is good so far, though. :)
    You can't update on your phone, it won't anybody.... You're a good writer, though. Will you update soon?? :) <3
    Stole your heart
    Stole your heart
    Hi my name is Olivia.My cousin is Louis Tomlinson...yes THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! We have always been close because we lived beside each other.When Louis left for X-factor i barely ever saw...
    6 years ago
    Oh ok im trying my best thanks for the advice!:) and yeah im atleast half way through writing the next chapter its a long one so maybe tommorow or tonight but im starting school monday so il try update as much as possible!:) Could you give me an example of the bad grammar just so I know!?:) xx
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    This is soo good!! Please update soon!! :)
    The Bubblegum Brat
    The Bubblegum Brat
    Sylvester is a twenty-five year old mother, living in San Fransisco. Her life is going great, with a loving husband, a four-year-old daughter and newborn son. But what happens when she is invited to a...
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    There's a few grammar mistakes. Like; when you're saying I know the person you put I no. But apart from that it's really good. It has a really good story line and you're a really good writer. :)
    Please update soon. :)
    The way the future will be
    The way the future...
    This story will be about the way i believe that the future will be...i would love to here what you all think the future will be like....
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    What about Claire!? :O
    Don't be Afraid to Fall in Love
    Don't be Afraid...
    Ever wonder what it would be like to gain a member of One Directions's trust then make them fall for you and then crushing their hearts into a million pieces? Well, thats what we have to do.......... but...
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