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"Where do we go, we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?" ~ The First History Man, Mad Max: Fury Road.

My name is Jem, I write when I can, so no promises of regular updates. I write both fictional novels, and occasionally you will see a piece of coursework that I put on here for evaluation from the general public. If you could read some of them, maybe leave a comment, constructive criticism and 'WWW's (what went well's) are welcome.

I have various versions of my OC as you can probably read, but the general backstory for Alex is that he's the seventh son of Satan, which in my eyes is the legendary power wielder of the Underworld. However, this also makes him occasionally unstable mentally. He can't use this power to full effect as it would likely destroy everything. My idea for his backstory was that as soon as he was born, the entirety of the Underworld knew exactly who he was and what he could do as he was the Devil's seventh son. He was cryogenically frozen when he proved to have little control over the power, but was defrosted when Satan knew he couldn't hold his son there, for more than 4500 years or so. He was released, taught briefly how to set up blockages to his power so that it wouldn't be too destructive, and set off into "Assiah" (the 'human' world).

Now in a few of my stories, there are mentions of supernatural entities such as vampires or werewolves. In some of the stories, the humans don't know about the supernatural residing in their world, but in others they do, and they coexist with each other.

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    mumbled "Mumble 30"

    My Cat: Its been a while since she's been back, she's acting normally now, cuddling up to everyone and purring. I'll tell you what's weird though, the couple who had her told my mum very strange things. "She's so nice, we were thinking of keeping her." "Yes we've been feeding her everyday and letting her sleep in our bedrooms." "No, we didn't think of taking her to the vets, she seemed absolutely fine to us." (note that my mum said our cat looked overfed, and was shedding a lot more and shaking in their arms) So overall, these people are just frickin weird people, and I do not want my cat going near them again, they might keep her the next time.

    University: So I sent off my application, and I got all five replies back by last Monday. I went and had a look at Plymouth uni with my mum the weekend before last too and fell in love with it. They want 300 points overall, with a B at English Lit. & Lang. I also applied to Hertfordshire twice, Chichester, and Wolverhamton as an insurance uni.

    General Life: Not great, I do need to make an appointment with my doctor for various reasons both mental and physical. Driving is fine, I drive pretty much everywhere now. Parents are still as awful as ever.

    Well it's not been great, and I may have just caused the ultimate rift between my two friends that already despise each other because one of them has been exaggerating what the other has said again. But other than that, I have another dilemma that I can't put anywhere in case certain people see it.
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    mumbled "Mumble 29"

    Still tired, but also happier as my cat has returned!

    Turns out she has been sleeping in another house for 2 weeks literally 5 minutes away from my house. The couple who live there have been letting her in and feeding her like she was their cat, and then they called the vets and said "Just to let you know that we have a cat in our house that's not ours and its been here for 2 weeks." and the vets called us to say "They have a cat that matches the description of yours." So my mum went round to see and the couple opened the door with my cat in their arms and we have our cat back.
    However, she is not exactly right in the head. She doesn't seem to fully recognise my family or my house and will scratch at the cat flap asking to go back out, but we know she will probably go back to the other house. The only person she has let touch her and pick her up is me, which is nice.
    She has a vet appointment today though, so we'll see if she has been clipped by a car or knocked about and maybe that'll be why she's acting funny.
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
    Glad that your cat is back :)
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    mumbled "Mumble 28"

    Well, I've been on here nearly every other day so that's something..
    I'm tired, not sleeping very well, and feeling generally shitty, but I'm still in school, doing well I hope..

    23 days to my 18th birthday, parents have started to have a go at me because I haven't decided what I want to do for it. They have told me that I'm not allowed a party though, so I may just organise a meal out or something for everyone..

    My cat, Muffin, has been missing since the 9th September, so that's a bummer. I'll add a picture of her so you can see..

    I get paid tomorrow, yay finally. I legit have no money left in my bank or anywhere else for that matter..

    But yeah, things are going meh for me really..

    The Dark Lord MidKnight
    Well I tried to upload a photo and failed so whatever..
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
    Oh dear, hope you start to feel better soon. Lack of sleep is always bad and makes things seem worse. i know, I suffer from it myself.

    Sorry about your cat, hopefully it will turn up one morning as if nothing has ever happened. Happy birthday to you for next month.
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    mumbled "Mumbkle 27"

    1 month till my 18th birthday. I am gonna get so drunk.
    I haven't been on here for ages, I've deleted a few stories (childish ones) and added the first chapter to my short story compilation w/ fable/moral purposes.
    I think anything I write for English will be put on here. Feel free to criticize or comment on my work, perhaps even annotate it.
    Don't be afraid to start a conversation with me, I'm a friendly person.
    The Dark Lord MidKnight
    Hey :P
    5 years ago
    Story was really good =)
    The Dark Lord MidKnight
    Which one? The fable/moral purpose one?
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    mumbled "Mumble 26"

    And I just looked back at Mumble 25, and saw that there is basically a 2 month gap between when I said updates would be coming soon, and when they actually were... Sorry guys :/
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