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Hello internet! (ily if you get that) well im a fangirl i like supernatural doctor who sherlock avengers merlin and a whole bunch more so..yeah if you wanna ask me my other fandoms just ask.

  • the_10th
    4 years agoReply
    hey please update i love this book!!!
    Meet the Winchesters
    Meet the Wincheste...
    This is for all you Supernatural fans out there! It is every supernatural fangirl's dream to meet the hunky Winchester brothers-follow the story of these two hunters with a special twist! They meet a new...
  • the_10th
    4 years agoReply
    Hey im a really big fan of this story your a great writer love it please update-Ayala
    Second Chances
    Second Chances
    *One Direction Fan-fiction*: ~Sequel to Taken~ Katie's back, and in her opinion, better than ever. Now, after escaping from One Direction, who previously kidnapped her merely to 'protect' her, she is living...
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