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I'm a Harry Potter nerd and/or a book nerd. I'm just living the dream by reading.
My friends call me crazy but I'm more quiet.

in love with cats, books, and instagram .

like my book(s) ... and have ig. Then follow my harry potter instagram @chamber_of_secrets1616

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    Update please!?!??!
    Paradise or Hell? ♥ | Justin Bieber
    Paradise or Hell?...
    "He forgot about me..." I said with a sigh escaping my lips, and tears forming in my eyes. "What? No he hasn't, you guys have known each other since diapers," he tried to convince me, even though he knew...
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    I have a long chapter comming, I just have to type it
    Canadian Mudblood
    Canadian Mudblood
    Katie Melango is an fourteen year old Muggle girl who discovered that she had been excepted to Hogwarts four years ago but her parents hid it from her for four years! At Hogwarts she becomes friend with...
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    1) Nicole Hofmann 2) 12 3) brown hair, bue green eyes really tall 4 ) really nice and kind, loves reading and writting, and is very funny 5) Because i think this book is really intresting and very good. (keep up the good work!)
    In the wrong with love
    In the wrong with...
    Ok so this is my first Movella so I'm nervous but I'm going to be putting my heart and soul into it. It is about a girl called Jade who secretly falls in love with the wrong person. But will she tell them?
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    Please don't i really like it, no more like love it!!!
    All Boys Boarding School? But I'm A Girl!
    All Boys Boarding...
    After being kicked out of public school, Bri's parents make her go to her brother's private boarding school for boys! Not only is it an all-boys school, it's a spy training school! She doesn't plan on...
  • chamber-of_secrets1616
    Sounds good sofar
    Little White Lies
    Little White Lies
    Emily is just a normal girl with a difficult past her mum gets a job in England and they move to Holmes chapel where she meets a guy with similar problems but is her opposite at the same time and changes...
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