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    Omg! I love it! Update soon!!!
    Talking Cats and All That Good Stuff
    Talking Cats and...
    Jessie's a regular girl. She has a best friend, keeps her grades up and never gets in trouble. That is, until, an explosion in the gym ruins half the school and allows laser-eyed-historical-figures in....
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    mumbled "Read my story please!"

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    The title says it all folks, read my story, Amelia's Tale of Hair and Heartbreak!
    4 years ago
    I read your story. It is great! Please read mine:
    Erased In the year 3000, Earth became over populated. There was no place to live and many people died of starvation.Then the Leaders of Land 9, where people...
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    Sorry Chapter Two isn't as long as Chapter One...
    Amelia's Tale of Hair and Heartbreak
    Amelia's Tale of...
    Amelia Ferarah is 13 years old. Going to Pottsville Middle School and having a crush on George Walez she is a normal girl. She's a normal girl until a stressful event when her grand mother dies, then things...
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