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  • _teniola_
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    This is amaZAYN I can't wait for the next chapter
    Love is not a crime
    Love is not a crim...
    It's the sequel to Hold me Tight. Follows the lives of One Direction's kids. Perrie and Zayn's daughter have been kidnapped when she was one. 15 years have passed, everyone thinks they're dead. In Jessica's...
  • _teniola_
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    This is amazing my favorite plss update
    Good Girls Love Bad Boys
    Good Girls Love...
    Yeah I know what your thinking, Miss.Goody-two-shoes. Its constantly around me but I don't really care, I just like to stay out of trouble and keep to myself. But there's one person that could change it...
  • _teniola_
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    Wow this is great I really like it so far. Do you mind reading my fanfic
    Punk Love (Harry Styles)
    Punk Love (Harry...
    Am I a punk?……Yes. I just moved to Holmes Chapel and I'm starting a new school…..GREAT! I have piercings, tattoos, and I drink sometimes, but not all the time. I hate my mother I really do my dad named...
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