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    mumbled "How we met"

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    imagine: You are at a one direction concert and your having the time of your life! You were dancing and having fun and were close to the stage. While you were dancing you accidently threw your phone! It landed on stage and Niall picked it up, he said "If you want it you have to come and get it." You were freaking out! As the concert went on he was looking at you the entire time. The concert finally ended and a security guard approached you saying "please proceed with me to the backstage area." When you arrived backstage there they all were! Harry nodded and pushed Niall toasted you. He said "I see you heard what I said" and you just nodded trying not to make a fool out of yourself. He grabbed your arm and said "Its ok, you don't have to be nervous." he said with a calming smile. He handed you your phone and said "Can you do one more favor for me please?" as he smiled I jumped right in and said "Ya, anything!" wondering I'd if I sounded to anxious I waited for him to reply. He said "check your phone" and he walked away waving goodbye. I turned to look at my phone and the background had been changes to a picture of Niall he had taken. After You saw that you were in complete shock. All of a sudden a reminder popped up saying "don't forget to text your babe!" there was also a number in the reminder. You didn't remember setting that reminder but you texted the number saying "hey who Is this sorry". A minute went by and your phone went off when you went to check it, it was from that number! You read the text it said "hey babe I'm glad you finally decided to text me;) oh ya and by the way this is Niall." You then looked up at the ceiling and turned your head to talk to who you were laying next to. The person laying next to you said "I had some good moves back then didnt I?" you turned your head and said " Ya, whatever" and started to giggle. The person next to you replied " Well I got you didn't I?" They both turned and smiled at each other and you said "I guess you were pretty good after all our children do take mostly after you." he turned and said " And that kids is exactly how we met."
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