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I love to Draw and listen to music.
(Love chu Lexis... even more than Gerard, sometimes.)
My friends are what keep me alive
What I would give just to be... Okay
-You sit around in your heartache, waiting on some beautiful boy to, save you from your old ways. You play forgiveness watch it now, Here he comes! He doesn't look a thing Like Jesus but he talks like a gentleman, Like you imagined when You Were Young-
Goodbye isn't Forever, but Our Forever is Eternal
*So leave yourself intact *
*Cause I will be coming back *
*In a phrase to Cut these Lips *
*I Love You *
Please just forget the pain, lift your head up and smile.
Every minute of sadness is a minute of happiness you will *never* be able to get back or replace.
Until Forever
*The Morning will come *
*In the Press of Every Kiss, With your head upon my Chest *
*Where I will annoy you, with every Waking Breath *
*Until you... Decide to Wake Up *
My Count Downs!

When I get over still being in love with her:... undetermined

  • Forever_&_Always
    Dang it! I went to click to the next chapter then realized there wasn't one yet! -_-
    Loving Her
    Loving Her
    "How do you go one day from loving him, to the next day loving her?" // A supposedly straight girl's journey as she realizes that she's falling in love with her best friend. //
    Loving Her
    5 years ago
    Sorry! More coming soon! Updates won't take so long anymore :)
  • Forever_&_Always
    Title: Homophobia
    Author: Forever_&_Always
    Genre: Drama/Romance/Heartbreak
    Subtitle: "Love.Hurts" love italicized and hurts bolded please ;)
    Idea: I would like something simple and classic but dramatic at the same time, something that will catch your eye, you know what I mean?
    There is a lot of romance and heart break in it, there is lesbian relationships too. Self harm, smoking, and suicide is included too. But over all the main aspect is love, the good and bad versions.
    Anyway, thank you. :) (Also, I love your covers they're amazing!)
    Coverbatch: A Cover Store
    Coverbatch: A Cove...
    All info in Chapter 1. I basically make covers for you guys :)
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