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I love Tatertots! (And Potatoes) ;)
I love Frozen and JELSA! (Jack x Elsa)
I also am fond of One Direction and my favorite color is...

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    mumbled "Jelsa @ Hogwarts"

    Its been awhile... Like a LONG while... but its here! Go check out the new chapter to my Jelsa movella! Thanks a ton!
    PS: Comment ways I could potentially improve this story. I would absolutely TREASURE the feedback from you! Thanks!

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    Can I just say that I love your background! :D I love Psych! Have you watched Psych?
    4 years ago
    WHAT???????????????????????????? Shawn and Jules are so FREAKING CUTE!!!! I won't spoil it for but the show has SUPER cute ending!!!! :D
    You are now my Psych buddy! :)
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    Thank you so much for this! I am an okay writer (I think) and this was very helpful! Again, thank you! :)
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    This is good, but why are the chapters only 1 paragraph?
    This is the story of a boy who lives in the Pokemon universe. His name is Wisp. Unlike most other children who live in the mystical world of Pokemon he has dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. The only...
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