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    mumbled "sorry I haven't been posting"

    Haven't been home lately which means I haven't had my laptop with me that has all of my story's on it I'm planing on getting home soon so I will be posting more now that I'm not traveling. Thanks for understanding you guys are the best.
  • Tardis blue
    so amazing
    Overcoming My Limits
    Overcoming My Limi...
    At only the age of 11, Blythe Mitchell had been caught up in a terrible situation. One her family recalls as "The Accident." Her right leg was considered paralyzed and all the nerves had died, but Blythe...
    Lexi Reeves
    7 years ago
    thank you! c:
  • Tardis blue
    This is awesome can't wait tell the next chapter
    Timey Wimey...Stuff
    Timey Wimey...Stuf...
    "B-but Mr. Bow-Tie-Man--" "It's The Doctor." he corrected. "Doctor?" "Yep." "Doctor Who?" He gave me a wide, genuine grin. "Exactly."
  • Tardis blue
    This is great cant wait for chapter 2
    Crossroads (Supernatural Fanfiction)
    Crossroads (Supern...
    Hannah and Lucy have had an unusual life. While you were brushing your teeth, they were lining salt along the windowsill. While you were frying your eggs, they were torching the bones of a dead man. While...
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