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  • Sxyshy_ poet

    mumbled "Silent Cries"

    Sometimes I cry because my heart is so lost
    I make a few mistakes & this is what it cost
    I turn to God praying for a brand new start
    The hurt becomes so intense
    It makes me feel like I don't exist
    I would give anything to take away this pain
    Please help me I feel so ashamed
    I don't want to give up
    Why is it so hard to trust
    My heart desires answers
    Can you help me by speaking positive words

    Author: Tawana Beecham
    Sxyshy_ poet
    7 years ago
    Thanks & I will
  • Sxyshy_ poet

    mumbled "If Only You Knew"

    If only you knew I hide my pain because I feel so ashamed would you still love and except me the same

    If only you knew all that I been through would you still look at me as if I'm as pure as a ROSE or would you have doubts that my pass has turned me out


    By: Tawana Beecham
  • Sxyshy_ poet

    mumbled "Scared to love "

    Feeling loved is like walking on the moon without a worry in the world
    Not knowing when you will land back on earth is the part that hurts the most
    Love can heal guide protect & shield you
    The scary part is taking that step to allow yourself to heal
    Only you know what your heart truly want and desire
    Love respect understanding trust & happiness
    All the above nothing but the best
    Never let low esteem allow you to settle for less
    Author: Tawana Beecham
  • Sxyshy_ poet
    I love it
    Don't change
    Don't change
    I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..
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