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Hi, I'm Surrealfall! I enjoy reading other people's stories along with casually writing books about teens! I mean...the books are great, but what can I say, it's not like I'm ever going to be a writer!

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    You're so clever! I love this! I could never be this outgoing to people who only know me as an innocent, quiet little girl! Which are teachers, classmates that aren't friends, strangers, and distant family members! Keep up the good work! I love this! <3
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    Marim Star
    2 years ago
    Awww thank you! Comments like yours keep me writing! I’m so glad you liked this I’ll definitely be publishing more xx
    2 years ago
    I love your solutions, they're funny and creative.
    Marim Star
    2 years ago
    @[Rouge Wolf] aww thanks ! ❤️ I love to make people laugh and feel happy xx
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    Hi, this is Surreal_fall
    Title: Upside Down
    Penname: Surreal_fall
    Email: surreal.fall.fall@gmail.com
    My idea was to have a boy and girl standing together, maybe a silhouette since it's very hard to find pictures that match their looks?
    In case you need to know, the book is about two teens who come back from being stuck on an island for six years. It's about their struggles now that they're home and how they need to find comfort and also be accepted.
    Please don't have a picture of an island on the cover unless you have no other option!
    No quotes though.
    I might not use the cover just saying (sorry!) if I like my original cover better.
    Thanks so much for the help! This is so nice of you!
    Oh, and also, please take all the time you need!
    No rush!
    Zireee's Cover Store (CLOSED)
    Zireee's Cover Sto...
    You want a cover for your story? You've come to the right place! Hit me up!
    2 years ago
    Your cover is done and is in the store. I hope you like it! It's also sent to your email. I noticed your picture is upside down so I did a couple covers that were upside down if that's how you wanted it, but if you didn't, I also did it the right side up as well.
    2 years ago
    Thanks so much! I love them all!
    2 years ago
    You're welcome!!
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