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Hhhheeeelllloooo!!!! My name is Angelina, I'm from Wisconsin, in love with one direction and the 49ers. I totally support and believe in Larry!! They're the cutest thing ever!!! Ummmm, I like cupcakes? I really don't know what to put in here.

I think that what all you guys are doing is amazing! Writing all those story's, devoting time, really just being amazing! I started reading fan fiction, and fell I love with it. All those story's changed my life, and I thought why not try it??? So I set up an account and here I am!

I have only one follower right now so thank you to Beautifully Payne! Your stories are the bomb!! Any way you should check out my first movella The infinite boy.

Bye lovlies!!!✌️��✌️��

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