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    Yes yes yes please make a new book loved this one love the first one and omfg that prologue killed me it was sooooo good make a book 3 please please pleeeeease
    Save You Tonight - (16+) - COMPLETED  Book 2 of 2
    Save You Tonight...
    Book 2 ***SEQUEL TO 'CHANGE MY MIND'*** Please read that one first or you might not understand, ongoing references... 23 year old coffee lovin', single mom, Faith Harrison and her 9 year old daughter...
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    CHARACTER APPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!! Hi my name is Lucia (pronounced lu-sha) my friends call me Ariel or Ariana because of my bright red hair. I have blue eyes. I love one direction. Favourite (1D) boy/s Louis and Niall. Love my hoodies/zippers can't live without them or my converse. I have kinda pale/tan skin but more pale than tan. PERSONALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm bubbly. Shy but when you get to know me I'm loud and hyperactive. I like singing, playing basket ball, swimming, listening to music, reading and of course stalking one direction. I live in a village near Glasgow called Bishopton. Obviously live in the UK. That's really all the important stuff. I hope u pick me I love this fanfic an really want to be in it. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;) :) :) :) :) :)
    Summer Camp
    Summer Camp
    Kenzie goes to a singing/acting Summer Camp where celebrities are their counselors/mentors. When she gets Zayn Malik as a mentor, will they fall for each other? And will someone try to tear them apart?
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    Can u please update. I love this fanfic.
    Oh Brother!
    Oh Brother!
    Jasmine Tomlinson is the 17 year old sister of Louis Tomlinson. She and her boyfriend (Jasper) of two years broke up on bad terms and she wants to get away from her home to forget about him and move on....
    7 years ago
    Done! What do you think? xx
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