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Hello! I’m Stormy/Lin, a traditional and digital artist who uses ArtStudio on my iPad. I enjoy reading, watching anime, drawing, cosplaying, playing video games, listening to music, and playing the violin. A few of my favorite things are Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, Ōkami (PS3), Nutella, and animals.
Feel free to ask any questions c:
I Mostly Post Art To: deviantART (xX-Stormy-Xx) and Instagram
I Mostly Post Cosplay To: Instagram
I Can Easily Be Contacted Through: deviantART (xX-Stormy-Xx), Kik, Instagram, and YouTube
deviantART: xX-Stormy-Xx, xX-StormyCat-Xx, GalaxyCatAdopts, and StormlingAdopts
YouTube: xX-Stormy-Xx
Twitch: StormyCatArtist (Not used)
Google+/Google Play: Aobabe Seragaki
SoundCloud: StormyCatArtist
Playstation Network: PixieKiss72 and StormyCatArtist
Kik: xXStormyCatXx
Instagram: xxgalaxycatxx
Fur Affinity: xX-StormyCat-Xx
Tumblr: xX-Stormy-Xx
"The window through which we perceive life is what defines our experience of it. We are only aware of a small fraction of what our senses pick up. We can all choose how we see the world."

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    mumbled "Remorse Taking It's Course"

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    Thank you :0
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    It's not creepypaste c':
    It's just personal art of one of my characters that I've had for a vv long time
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