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Huge fan off TMI and TID. Cassandra Clare and her books have had a huge impact on my life.

Joined Movelllas to enter the 24hrs in the CIty of Bones competition.. :)

Hoping that you'll all enjoy it and I'll carry on writing.

  • Stephanie Louise

    mumbled "Quick Update!"

    To all waiting/hoping for a new chapter for 'The Fall', it is on it's way! I have lots of new ideas that I am desperate to get down onto paper. However it's the week of my boyfriends 21st birthday and I've ended up in charge of the present, cake, decorations and all sorts! aha which I love doing but unfortunately this has left me with just about no time to write, but have no fear, a new chapter WILL be posted by august 30th! :)
  • Stephanie Louise
    Please Please Please Review Mine! :)
    It's the 2nd most popular entry in the 24hrs in the city of bomes comp! :)
    The Fall* * * The first 24 hours. That is when you really think the world’s about to end, that’s when you choose, to surrender, or to fight. * * * Evie, had...
    The Best Reviewer
    The Best Reviewer
    Hi, if you have any books or chapters that you need reviewed you can just give me the names (or chapter) and I'll review. Just look for the chapter in my book, on your book (wow that's a tongue twister)....
  • Stephanie Louise

    mumbled "So Very Nervous!"

    The winners of the 24hrs in the city of bones comp are due to be announced at some point today! I am SO nervous! It's the first competition I've ever entered and winning truly will mean so much more to me than you could ever know! Thank you for everyone's support, the feedback has truly blown me away! -wish me luck :) -FingersCrossed-
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