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I am just another girl who loves doing what I want to do. I have my mottos and my virtues. And yes, I DO NOT believe in love at first sight!

Keep dreaming and you'll get there. I believe in my dreams, and I have high aspirations! I hope that someday I will make it to whatever I aspire for.

Cheesy is not my type of person. BUT hey if you wanna be my friend all you have to do is like me and click my fan button!

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  • StarlightDollie
    It's good... You should really update
    My Nerdy Love
    My Nerdy Love
    Falling for the nerd is suppose to be taboo if your popular. Well Melanie Hunter just broke the biggest taboo of all times. She fell a nerd and not just any nerd, Harry Styles. Harry is clumsy, shy, intelligent,...
  • StarlightDollie
    This is such a nice story!!! Can you please read my story called You're Hired? It would mean alot! You're such an amazing author!
    The Chase (HIATUS)
    The Chase (HIATUS)
    Anna Granger is used to a sheltered life of home-schooling and being bossed around by her Dad, a billionaire computer company entrepreneur. When his big project gets out of hand and the only babysitter...
  • StarlightDollie
    Hey guys! I won't be able to update that much since school is starting and my schedule this year is quite hectic. Please bear with me and just favorite to get notified when I update this story...
    You're Hired
    You're Hired
    “What do you think will happen when the contract ends?” I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders as a respond. “It’s up to you, what do you feel?”” he replied. “About?” I asked him. “About us.”...
  • StarlightDollie
    I like it... Great story. Keep writing.
    Last first kiss ( one direction NOT FAMOUS)
    Last first kiss...
    He loved her too much to let go. He's coming back for her and is not going down without a fight...neither of them are...
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