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My pen name is an ironic joke. I have always loved the stars and the night sky, but I have never been brave enough to go outside in the dark to look at them. My crippling fear of everything and my extreme paranoia are to be blamed for this.
I enjoy reading, manga, and writing to penpals. Even though I am scared of all of the creatures in the water, I love to sail. Tennis and bad-mitten are also very fun. I am always really competitive, but most of the time (like in sports) I am too self-conscience to do anything to win.
Academics is another story, I try my best and I actually enjoy learning.
I am currently using this site to write my novel but I don't think I will actually publish it here!
I love to hike and rock climb, this shocks most people for some reason. Probably because I would rather me inside my cozy room with a book than out at the high school's football game. Apparently, that makes me a strictly "indoors person."


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