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don't annoy me or i'll go mad squirrel on you!!

  • squirrel lover
    Wow thanks for your input! I'll comment like you did to make it easier.
    A) I do indeed love squirrels, freaking awesome if I may say so myself.

    B) I randomly come up with these and sometimes write them down through out the day. Most of them are written in the middle of the night so i don't notice any mistakes.

    C) I try to find covers that go with the theme of the writing. Along with something that will catch the viewers eye to draw them in.

    D) I tend to write in rhyme, if you happen to read some of my other poems you'll see. As well as making imagery within. When I write it comes from what's happening in the day or past experiences. Most of my writing is based off of something that had actually occurred or what's fighting to get out in my head.

    E) I normally don't create stories from lacking in an interesting plot scheme and I tend to have it long and drawn out so it gets boring fast. I wrote a couple poems last that might get posted though, I tend not to add on to any previous poems. In having a similar theme all together they can make something like a story.

    F) Feed back doesn't usually appear, so thanks!
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