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I'm spongebobninja! Mostly all of my stories are about Spongebob fanfics, but some of them are also poems which I enjoy writing. If you want feedback on any piece of work I'll be happy to give you some! If you need any help, flick me a mumble!

Happy writing~!


Hidden Figures - Movie Review

by , Tuesday March 21, 2017
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 Hidden Figures - Movie Review

Hidden Figures - An untold story of three African-American women who go beyond expectations.

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  • spongebobninja☕️
    'SpongeBob the Musical'
    Have you watched it? Is it any good? Honestly I though it might be scary, seeing the spongebob characters come to life XD
    7 months ago
    I have watched it! It's honestly awesome! The costumes like are so amazing you have to watch it!
    Hahaha that's great to hear XD

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