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I'm spongebobninja! Mostly all of my stories are about Spongebob fanfics, but some of them are also poems which I enjoy writing. If you want feedback on any piece of work I'll be happy to give you some! If you need any help, flick me a mumble!

Happy writing~!


Hidden Figures - Movie Review

by , Tuesday March 21, 2017
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 Hidden Figures - Movie Review

Hidden Figures - An untold story of three African-American women who go beyond expectations.

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  • spongebobninja☕️

    mumbled "Brooklyn 99?"

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    Anyone else obsessed with the show Brooklyn 99? I just got stuck into it (into season 4 already :P ) and I love it!!
    the force of storms
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    I quite like Gina, but I feel like her character is a bit two-dimensional: she doesn't really add much to the plot besides quirkiness
    Mister Tea
    1 months ago
    For me if it was just quirkiness that would be fine, but even with the knowledge of how long she's known Jake she still doesn't feel to smoke she should be friends with them or that any of them Amy and Charles in particular should be friends with her. Her jokes at the expense of every one else make her seem mean to me anyway,

    I mean sure everyone makes fun of Amy Santiago for being wound a bit too tightly or Charles for just being a flat out oddball, but still a good guy and a good friend for Jake. All the characters make fun of each other but for me Gina comes across as the mean girl in any American high school show or movie and like I said I don't know what good being her friend does for them.

    Yeah, I may have been over thinking this just a little bit.
    1 months ago
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    It gives off a lot of good vibes! And it's generally funny, unlike some other show, hehe.
    Also Gina's very savage but not someone I'd personally be friends with? Her friendship with Jake is very cute.

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