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I love 5sos and I also love one direction. I am very creative and love writing stories with other people. Also I suck at grammar so please no grammar comments but please always leave comments. Also I live in my childhood so my story topics may seem strange at times but don't judge.

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    Hey can you make a chapter on talking to him even though he knows you cause I've liked a guy for one year and I did your advice and he doesn't notice me and we aren't even friends just people who talk to each other but I know a lot about him but it's by following him around casually and when he talks to me I bump into a wall. Anyway also is it good that he always looks at me (not hateful) and when I'm around he never speaks but when I'm gone he speaks, also is it good for him to talk about me a lot to my friends because I bumped into that wall please help!
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