• Sofi Costanian
    plz update ur a great writer!! i love ur stories
    Forever And Always (Sequel)
    Forever And Always...
    (Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together?...
  • Sofi Costanian
    U shuldnt let them affect u, im also 12, im from a country wich its mother language its not inglish and i have read almost every inapropiated movella, i just think u cant let them ruin this
    Friends With Benefits.
    Friends With Benef...
    "I watched her as she moved through the club, every curve of her body highlighted by the tight material of her body-con dress, tempting every man she passed. She was made up to perfection, her vibrant...
  • Sofi Costanian
    U need 2 update!!
    Best Friends or More?
    Best Friends or...
    Nicky and Ryder were the best of friend since they were 5 it all change sophomore year when Ryder and Nicky grew into their looks and decided to loose their virginity to each other. Soon they become friends...
  • Sofi Costanian
    U have 2 update ur a grat writer! Love your story!
    Never Been Hurt | Harry Styles
    Never Been Hurt...
    She's young and on the run... but from who? This story was recently republished after some character name changes. Thank you for reading - Oh My Movellas | ❤︎ |
  • Sofi Costanian
    The story she stole its called isnt she lovely? U can even look at it in the most populars
    What did I do?!
    What did I do?!
    Hi sorry if its really bad this is my first story and its about one direction This story is about a girl aged 19. She ran away from her father who wouldn't after what he did to her!! Her mother passed...
    7 years ago
    No I didn't
    Sofi Costanian
    7 years ago
    Ya shure, check the book its veeerry similar
    Sofi Costanian
    7 years ago
    I wanna make smth clear, i dont hate u! I dnt even know u so what am sending its just my opinion, ok?
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