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Hi random person!
I love to write, read, play soccer and be random.

My random sentence:

Fishstick pizza is the best kind of rainbows when leprechauns play chess with narwhals' mustaches.

Don't worry, my grammar is better when I write stories!

I always write/read sci-fi but occasionally I will read a romance or some other genres.
I am somewhat new so I would love it if you could just say hi!

One Direction
Taylor Swift
Bruno Mars
Jason Mraz

Fav. Songs:
Heart Attack
I Want
Just the Way You Are
Beauty and A Beat
I Won't Give up
I'm Yours.

I want to be a missionary when I grow up.
ALSO, I love song writing.

  • Soccerluvr019
    This sounds really good!
    Paris Anna Smith is a normal Middle school age girl. When she meets two guys with her best friend jasmine, they get invited to a college party. Little did she know that they weren't their age, they were...
    7 years ago
    Thank ya sweetheart.
  • Soccerluvr019

    mumbled "I don't think anyone reads my mumbles :( :( "

    No one has commented or liked on really any of my mumbles it makes me sad. :( I don't think people actually read my mumbles. :(

    So if anyone does read this, could you review my book Chipped? (Only if you have the time...)
    ✔ Victioria Justice
    I will check out your story chipped for ya. Would you mind checking out the direction babe's (me) story stalker, please?
    7 years ago
    @Victoria Justice
    I will try
    Thank you BrutallyHonest
    and I guess ppl do read my mumbles.
    7 years ago
  • Soccerluvr019

    mumbled "RIP Cory"

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    This was so sad. I really can't believe it happened. RIP Cory
    7 years ago
    @Arina Grande sorry i had to disable what we talked about.. i was scared that i would get in trouble by my parents..lol!!:) but me and my bff are comeing to see u in concert in september:)
    7 years ago
    Yes #prayforlea
    ✔Ariana Grande
    7 years ago
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    Haha @1Drocks101 thx:) and yes soccer lover she was planning their weddingD:
  • Soccerluvr019

    mumbled "Please Read"

    Hi everyone,
    I went on a week long trip camping so I missed out on a ton of updates. I had 188 or something like that. I tried to go through them all. But I might have missed something. Sorry. Also I may post a pitch perfect fanfic on here... would anyone read it??
    7 years ago
    A pitch perfect fanfic sounds awesome! Can't believe I didn't think of it! I love pitch perfect, and will definitely read it if you write one. Please do!
    7 years ago
    Cool thanks I will post it when I can!
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