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☾ so basically all i am is a sixteen year old teenage girl who is, well, mostly addicted to tv and internet and books. i may or may not be in few fandoms, and i have a crush on two of o2l boys. overall according to my friends i'm smart (however that might be true), i ain't no coffee person and i can speak in two and half languages.
miley and demi are my queens and i somewhat have a crush on luke hemmings' 'cause of my friend. ☽
Note: English is NOT my native language.

You can find me on:
✖ twitter: lukexkiss
✖ tumblr: worldxaround
✖ 8tracks: cyrusslxt
✖ weheartit: chaxel
✖ Skype, kik, e-mail: ask me

Also you can find me and my work on wattpad.com (londondpride and chaxel).

  • londonspride

    mumbled "hm? what do you say?"

    guys what would you say if in the week from 28th October till 3rd November i give you first chapter or something like it for second book to Best Friends Sister?
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