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I am a fangirl of TLOTR movies and THG books. I like Peeta and Gale so if I was Katniss' position I don't know who I would choose, but I do know it would be what my heart tells me is right. I hope you like my movellas."It doesn't matter if your best isn't good enough, but as long as you tried you've already succeed"- Hope_Tribute

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    Name:District Twelve Tributes
    Cover:Peeta, Katniss, and a 13 year old girl that has Brown hair and green or Brown eyes
    Nur's cover store
    Nur's cover store
    just comment what do u need in the cover and I will make it in a day
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    mumbled "Need Help"

    I'm writing a new movella and I can imagine perfect in my head, but when I sit down to write it the words are the farthest thing from my head. If this happens to you or you might have ideas on how to help please reply! Thanks
    6 years ago
    I started writing and after a little bit the words were coming a little bit faster. Well I almost had finished my chapter using an app and I pressed the wrong button and I lost all of my progress now I have to restart all of that chapter
    6 years ago
    6 years ago
    That's how I felt
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    Pleas update this is amazing :) :) :)
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