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Dear bullies,
I'm here to tell you. Enough is enough. That boy that you just made fun of because he didn't finish the homework? Yeah, he just talked someone out of committing suicide. He stayed up all night to stop a death. That girl you just called weird, called a nerd? Mhm. She tries her best to fit in. She harms herself at home because people don't accept her. That boy you just tripped - who dropped all his stuff in the hallway because of you? Oh... He's abused at home, he hurts himself. That boy you just yelled at for doing or saying something? He's socially awkward. He doesn't know how to communicate well because he lives in a terrible neighborhood where shootings are usual. That boy you just called fat? Well, he's autistic. He has autism. His sister tries her best to stop the bullies, to speak with him and get him to talk to her - but he isn't very good with such. That girl you just made fun of because of her style? Her family doesn't have that much money and is going through a hard time.
You know that grown man you made fun of and taunted because he had scars and cried at a memorial for soldiers? Yeah? He's a veteran. He was wounded in battle in the Military. He saw his buddies die. He held his friend as he died in his arms. He fought for our country. That grown woman you taunted because she was crying? She just learned that her son was killed in battle. Her one and only son. And just recently, she lost her husband to cancer. Now she has no one.
Moral of this? Learn the person's story. Don't make fun of them because of something they say, wear, do, or have. You never know what their story is. Oh, and for those bullies who bully to see how far you can push someone? That person could take it personally, become offended. Become hurt. Don't bully. I'm here to tell you bullies. Enough. Is. Enough.

I dare you to put this on your profile. I'm betting that over half of you won't because you're afraid, or will overlook it. Well, to those who do, I applaud. You have the courage to post this on your profile.

Now to properly introduce myself, hm? Ah, yes. How about a story, yes?

You were a recruit for the Military. You were stationed at a base you thought would never be attacked - it was at homeland, and secure. Nothing ever seemed wrong - and no attacks ever reported. Sad to say, you figured out the hard way that no place was ever truly safe. That day, you found out.
The sirens went off, indicating something was wrong. You thought it was just a drill, as usual. But, you noticed the senior soldiers - the generals, lieutenants - were grabbing their weapons. It wasn't too long until gunshots echoed throughout the camp and soldiers yelling to one another. You didn't know what to do. After all, you were only a recruit! You didn't know the first thing about battle!
You squadron leader ran to you and your fellow recruits in your squadron, "Grab your weapons! We're in battle, you ca---" He was cut off, limp on the ground with a gunshot to the head.
"S.L.!" One of the recruits yelled, eyes widened. You had blood on you - the squadron leader's blood.
"Grab your weapons, recruits." Soon, a calm voice pierced the chaos. Everyone looked over, and there stood another soldier. None of the recruits, including you, had ever seen her around the camp. "Quickly, now." She said, aiming a rifle and shooting.
The gunshots and yelling continued, so your squadron all grabbed their weapons. But you didn't have one - they were always one short.
"Don't have a weapon, recruit?" The voice was closer. You snapped from your thoughts and looked up. There, meeting your eyes, were the blue-green eyes of a female.
"N-No, ma'am." You responded, stuttering slightly. She sighed softly.
"Alright. Stay behind me, then. All of you, stick close." She remained calm as she started walking, breaking into a jog as she aimed and shot. Quickly, you and your comrades fell behind and around her.
"Come on! We have to go, Sniper!" A male voice called.
'Sniper? Must be the soldier's codename.' You thought.
"Cool it, Croc." She - Sniper - responded calmly. "All of you, in the humvee."
Of course, you and your comrades complied. Sniper gave the side of the humvee a pat, and it started up. It was you, your squadron, and a few other recruits in the one humvee. There were others with more from the camp.
"Wait, ma'am! Aren't you coming with us??" You questioned as you noted she hadn't gotten in - and it was the last humvee.
She only smiled softly, "My job isn't over yet. The enemy is still alive and still fighting. I have to finish my job," was all she said, turning and running back into the chaos. That was the last you saw of her, although you heard many other people talk of a soldier named Sniper. A Lone Soldier who saved them.

A small story. Did you like it? Hope you did.

I am Sniper. Formerly Lone Soldier. I am into Hetalia, the Armed Forces, mythical creatures, police force, firearms, the constitution, animals, and giving advice. I am a "safe-house account," meaning you can talk to me whenever you need to.

I will be... gone, I guess I could say. I am not needed here as of now (or in the future, for that matter), so... Yeah.

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    mumbled "Contacting Me"

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    Yeah, I have abandoned this. There is nothing here anymore...not the community and not the people.

    If you guys wish to continue talking to me over social media, here is my Google+ profile that I am /always/ on;
    1 years ago
    Alora has a very valid reason that she wish I not tell. As for me; there is really nothing much here for me anymore. Not after the whole fiasco on my original account with the bullying and trolls. And trying to deal with this account /and/ what is happening on Google+... I simply cannot do that. However, I will not be gone forever. I may get on every once and a while.

    Thank you, though.
    Jacie XP
    1 years ago
    Yeah, I know about her problems. It's just sad in general that so many people are leaving, but I understand why.

    I hope things get better for you.
    1 years ago
    That is true... this used to be such a lively community.

    And thank you. I hope for things to lighten up so I can return to continue my story(ies).
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    Night at the Museum

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    ~Possible 1x1, if desired. Other than that, it can be a small group (3, maybe 4).~

    It has been years since the original - since the night guard and "people" saved the museum. The night guard went on and got a new job. This meant either a current employee was to take his place, or the museum was to hire a new night guard. Either way, much had changed. There was still all the original exhibits. But there were also some new ones. Native Americans, Revolutionary War soldiers, Civil War soldiers, WWI and WWII soldiers, knights and cowboys and outlaws. A lot of new exhibits had found their way into the museum, and the museum was made larger to hold all of them. Now all of these exhibits get to experience "life" for the first time since they "died," or was made.

    Age (or, if exhibit, age appearance):
    ~If exhibit~
    Date of birth (person's birth):
    Date of death (person's death):
    How did you/the character die?:
    Significance in history:
    "Job"/What were you/the character?:
    New to the museum or no?:
    If not new, how long have you/the character been there?:

    Name: John Williams
    Age (or, if exhibit, age appearance): He appears to be about 18 or 19.
    Date of birth (person's birth): January 27, 1761
    Date of death (person's death): October 15, 1779
    How did you/the character die?: Whilst out scouting in the forest, he was caught by British soldiers who demanded information from him. When he denied, one got so angry at him that they shot him in the ribcage and commanded the others to leave him for dead. He bled out right off of the beaten path where his fellow soldiers could not find him.
    Significance in history: He fought in the Revolutionary War and informed commanders of plans he heard from British soldiers that walked past and of the position of soldiers and "platoons."
    "Job"/What were you/the character?: He was a soldier.
    New to the museum or no?: Yes. He just arrived.
    Appearance: He wore this uniform-

    But looked like this-

    Personality: John is quiet - he has/had to be to not be found (even though he was spotted). He is a great listener and can repeat what he has heard. He is loyal and trustworthy to those he knows to be the same or to those who earn it. He is quite polite and very gentleman like, though he has a farmer side to him. He was born of a farming family, and so was raised with how to treat women and raise animals, hunt, grow crops, and such. When he speaks, his voice is soft and rather quiet.
    Extra: He has a horse that he had named Whiskey. Whiskey looks like this-

    John raised Whiskey from since he was a little colt-foal (baby male). He trusts Whiskey. The horse is quite loyal and never likes leaving those he holds dear behind or unsafe. (He was devastated when John never returned.)
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    mumbled "Ah....I apologize for my long absences. "

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    I am sorry for being gone for...well, ever. To all be friends, I apologize.

    I have been drawing, in the meantime. I drew a new Warriors OC for a possible roleplay between the original group? @[M'Lady Ally] ?
    1 years ago
    XD Really? Niiice~
    1 years ago
    Meeeeh~ XDD
    1 years ago
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    Heyo!~ Welcome to Movellas, a place where you can write stories and get to know tons of amazing people! As you can see, my name is Sniper. Hopefully you will have fun here and make new friends. In fact, I'm sure you will! If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask. Whether you ask me or someone else is your choice. But I am here if you need anything!

    ~ Sniper
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