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    I cried so hard my name is Kylah and I'm going thro a lot of insecurity and no guy has ever liked me and reading these stories help me relate and hope one day I would be able to meet them if you could please right a story about me and Niall I would like that and I am not a kiss up if you new me you would be my only friend thanks
    Between two <3
    Between two <3
    Krishma meets harry styles and falls hopelessly in love with him but he doesn't know that she loves him. she then spills out her feelings for him. he loves her too but rejects her because he wants to stay...
    aaaw dont worry, i've been through the same kinda thing, but if i get the time i'll help! :)
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    OMG i love it
    it started with a whisper...
    it started with...
    ****a normal day for diyana. except for others it wasn't. it was valentines day! and here she was spending it alone, like every year...until she runs in with a certain someone at a very odd place for romance....
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