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Hello, I'm Eileen Prince! :)
I love reading and writing (Surprise, surprise!) and also Harry Potter, although I belong to several fandoms.
Usually I write whatever I like, from sci-fi to romance, however my main genres include historical fiction, romance, poetry, realism and fantasy. I have been writing stories since I was eight years old (In varying degrees of quality) and sometimes write short stories.


by , Thursday January 11, 2018
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Odysseus - Worst day ever!


Dear Diary....

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    mumbled "Sorry - having problems..."

    For those of you that have been waiting for a review @[Ransom] @[Silver_The_Demon], I can't update the Review Store as I'm having technical issues. Also @[JackieBrooke_237] I can't update our drafted Movella for the same reasons. :/ Sorry.
    Eileen Prince
    2 days ago
    I can now update stories, but I still can't upload covers. Let's hope I can soon!
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    mumbled "Sneek peak"

    So some of you may (or may not) have noticed that my Movella 'Bluebells and Hanging Ropes' has been unpublished. Why? Because I'm re-writing it. What do you think of this for the first chapter (the Movella will be called 'What Bella Did')?

    'How many countless times have I perched by a dreary fire, desperately in need of a decent story to while away the night hours? I was tired and ill from my long journey hither and yet I could not rest. My head felt too full of the wild of the raging moors to settle and I was spooked beyond all my possible sensible wit by the eeriness of my recent journey. Alone I had walked, across the endless seas of dark, leering heather, accompanied by nothing but some pathetic fool of a light and my own wandering mind to comfort me. The wind was chilly, continuously gusting across my face and freezing even my prize sideburns, and nor had I felt warm at all, since the evening past, for the inn in which I had sheltered was but the house of a swineherd and I had been itching all morning from the lice which had accosted me as I slept. Since that time, I had been walking, bound on my journey to my residence, and accidentally losing myself after every half hour, until I had finally stumbled upon my destination with no feeling in any realm of my body and quite as little patience, only to find, to my intense annoyance, that the gentleman whom I sought was not in. Instead, some old, hideous form of a hag, evidently a servant, had answered my pleas and had dragged me in from the bleak rambling countryside as so to apparently compensate for her master’s absence. How he could be absent, however, when he knew acutely that I was to visit him, I was ignorant. I knew very little of him, except that he was now to be my partner in business - he was a lawyer, as is myself - but how reliable of a lawyer he was I was soon to bear the witness, as, despite him being famous in these parts, I have heard very little of him.'

    If anyone cares to comment I'd be happy, but I'll be publishing the actual Movella soon! :)
    Squonk of the Nightshade
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    Nice piece of writing. Look forward to reading more when you publish it :)
    Eileen Prince
    1 weeks ago
    Thank you! :) I've published the first chapter and am now onto the second!
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    I like this! It's unique and interesting, for one thing... (Thought I'd check this out, as I was reading 'Paws') :)
    From screaming to deafening silence, these are truly some of the best poems I've wrote by far.
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    mumbled "Sorry for the long update..."

    Yesterday I updated 'Beth'. Sorry it took a while...
    BethBeth Emmerson may be rich, but she doesn't have everything; her father thinks she's proud and her distant cousin, Gordon Banks, clearly hates her enough...

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