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First off, I'm a ninja.


No not really! I'm actually the opposite of a ninja. Very clumsy me... ^~^

Anyways, I'm a fanfiction writer (duh). And I mostly write about anime shows I am in love with. My current obsession is HETALIA~! Yay~

I am in love with France, both the country and the character from hetalia.

I love to cosplay. I am a coser. <3 Sometimes I wish I had more money for it though D:

I love photography. I hope to travel the world someday and take amazing photos.


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    mumbled "I know this isn't a cosplay site. shhhh"

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    Yeah....I realized I can add images to these things so guess what! YOU GET TO SEE MY BEAUTIFUL FACE. This is my France cosplay~!!!
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    I love this~! You're very descriptive ^u^
    The World At Large; A Hetalia-Based Fanfic
    The World At Large...
    This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic so I would really love it if you, dear cherished reader, can give me some helpful and good(vital) advice in the comments section about how I can improve and...
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    mumbled "Anime Con in 4 Days~!"

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    I'm going to an anime con in 4 days so I will have a lot of pictures of cosplay and fun stuff~! I'm so excited! I shall be cosplaying casual France. In other words, black slacks and a button up shirt. ^^ I still have to do so many things before I go though. Wahhh... xD
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    Great story~! Awesome idea too. ^^
    Die Ende (Hetalia)
    Die Ende (Hetalia)
    "And as Francis stands in the shadows, watching the corpse lie lifeless, he wishes." My interpretation of HRE's death at the hands of France. Hetalia fanfiction.
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