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"fucked my way up to the top" ~ lana del rey

"i'm so ugly but that's okay, 'cause so are you" ~nirvana

you can call me zack, or whatever you feel like calling me at the moment. except for bitch. I never liked dogs.

● Nirvana
● My Chemical Romance
● Panic! At The Disco
● Evanescence
● Cage The Elephant
● The Glitch Mob
● The Red Hot Chili Peppers
● Shinedown

And pretty much everything else. There is no limit, I listen to practically everything.

I also love art, manga, photography, and writing.


  • SkyFullOfStars

    mumbled "Help me (cmon people)"

    Doesn't anybody have good anime/manga suggestions? :(
    E.M. Marmet
    4 years ago
    Afterschool Charisma is a really good manga!
    So is Otaku Girls (which became a drama-except I can't kfind it anywhere online ;A; )
    What else...
    Free! of course, PMMM and Princess Jellyfish... That's about it I guess? ;v; Oh and Hetalia of course!
    4 years ago
    I heard Evangellion is pretty cool.
    4 years ago
    Yay! Thanks guys :D
  • SkyFullOfStars
    Title: Pretty
    Author: SkyFullOfStars
    Genre: Poetry
    Link: I haven't published it, sorry, hopefully that isn't dreadfully inconvenient.
    Ideas and things you might want to know: Basically this poem is mocking societies view of "pretty", and how unrealistic it is (i.e. thigh gaps and such).
    Thank you <3 !
    Lily Anna's Cover Store [OPEN]
    Lily Anna's Cover...
    Welcome to Lily Anna's Cover Store! :) If you would like a cover please read the info page first and fill in the details I will need. Please follow the rules and be polite. :) I believe in quality and...
    Lily Anna
    4 years ago
    Okay. Will get that done as soon as I can. :-)
    4 years ago
    Thanks :)
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