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Loves a good story that has plot twists and loves to go past what we humans can imagine!
Playing violin & piano
write, draw

I would like to bring the world full of love, sadness, and happiness. First I will start here, then I will start to play music across the world one day!
I love to add feelings into my stories. I started writing stories some years ago. But, I never knew I could post them online! Funny huh?
I actually laugh and cry when I'm writing this. I cry a lot when I put sad things in my books.
Useless info.
Is a girl
loves food
I am someone who you never know well. No one will!
Quotes I love!
"Stars shine in the darkness only"
"Fate works in a cruel way"
I love the world. If I am a bit harsh then that means I care for you. All I try to do is put others before myself. But I guess that doesn't work a lot. After that they hate me. But, that is Ok with me. But, I don't like losing the people I love. But, I guess that will always happen to me. :)
Anyway, may you have a nice day!

  • Skyana
    7 months agoReply
    I keep rereading this over and over again! It moves me so much! The amount of work can be seen in the way you phrase each sentence. A wonderful piece of art indeed.
    Graffiti King
    Graffiti King
    James was just a normal person, every day was the same, he caught the same train and went to university the same. Until one specific day, the same was different, that day he became someone else, someone...
    6 months ago
    SilverLightning ✦
    Just a small continuation
    6 months ago
    It is amazing!! The person James looks up to. The wording. I can’t even begin to explain how great this book is!
  • Skyana
    7 months agoReply
    The book is sooo interesting! I just started reading it today and I already finished! The plot is very interesting. I enjoy it very much. Please keep writing.
    ~Water World~ (Pirate One)
    ~Water World~ (Pir...
    Venture the blue to see the reason for living. ________________________________________________________________________________ It was the first time I did a story with POV. But don't worry, I think...
    Phantasmagoric Xythe
    Thanks! I really appreciate it! >^-^<
  • Skyana

    mumbled "By Sky Dreams (Not me! I wonderful Story I found!) "

    1 years agoReply
    Girl: I found you, you found me Don't you see? Our hearts were just meant to be! Here in this fairy tale, won't you believe? That my love is for you alone and will never leave Even if this illusion will say goodbye Trust me and hold fast, as our promises will reach to the sky Boy: Ah, fair maiden of blue She who dances gracefully without a clue That as she twirls round and round That this bouquet of lilies that surrounds Is for her only in time and only for her alone Never for another, never till I'm dead and bone In this pleasant town just over the hill My wish is for you to notice the love that I feel Both: Together we'll dance, in this serenade of light Just one step apart, skipping with hearts at flight With our backs turned on the other In this fairy tale one never tells to another That 'tis boy and 'tis girl Wherein their love is forever in a twirl And shall only end with her gay laugh When he therefore finds the courage and coughs Strings of words falling to the rivulets below she Thus ending the words with, " Will you marry me?,"
  • Skyana
    1 years agoReply
    :D Can't wait for the next chapter!
    Utopia Today, Dystopia Tommorow
    Utopia Today, Dyst...
    A teenage boy lives in a small house in what remains of London. He lives there, alone, only meeting up with the occasional traveler going one of the last great cities in the world. After a great war centuries...
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