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    It hurt, looking at him hurt, burned, agonized me, my chest ached every time I inhaled his smell, so close to me, so close to me, so close, I can't bare it! though the deserted chair is the only fence that was built to save me, salvage me, still he was close, still he was close, too close, too close. I could feel his stare cut right through my back and into my heart, burn it, ignite it with revolting fire coursing right up, up, up, then down, down, down, and right back to my heart, to only make it feel heavy behind the sternum, like it's going to fall right through my stomach, and into the acid, to only be demolished by it, flattened right at the base of my stomach, right at the base, at the base.I always woke up under a gentle, soft, light, burning, scathing touch, right on top of my heart. Him! him,him, him, I can feel him, inside me, outside of me, he's every where, all around me, all around me, all around,he's too close, always too close. He woke me! Oh his touch, his touch, his touch, it's inhuman, an inhuman touch, withering me, scattering in every inch of my soul, cracking, breaking, crashing me, until I shatter. Until I break. Bang, bang, bang, I'm broken.
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