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σσн, fαи¢у ѕєєιиg уσυ нєяє (:

ι'м αℓуѕѕα, ι'м 14 αи∂ uɐɯɥsǝɹɟ

ι'м αи σνєяℓу σвѕєѕѕινє ∂ιяє¢тισиєя, ѕнєєяισ, αи∂ ναмρєттє

ѕσ αѕ уσυ ¢αи тєℓℓ, вяιтѕ αяє єνєяутнιиg

ι нαтє тαуℓσя ѕωιfт αи∂ яαρ

му fανσяιтє ¢σℓσя ιѕ ριик

ι ℓσνє тнє яαιи

χχ. αℓуѕѕα ✌

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❝ѕнє ¢αρтυяєѕ нєя яєfℓє¢тισи αи∂ тняσωѕ тнє мιяяσя тσ тнє fℓσσя, нєя ιмαgє ιѕ ∂ιѕтσятє∂
ѕ¢яєαмιиg 'ιѕ ιт ωσятн ιт αиумσяє؟'❞ -ℓιттℓє мιχ ♡

❝му тнσυgнтѕ αяє ѕтαяѕ ι ¢αииσт fαтнσм ιитσ ¢σиѕтєℓℓαтισиѕ❞ -тнє fαυℓт ιи συя ѕтαяѕ ✰

❝тнє ωσяѕт тнιиgѕ ιи ℓιfє ¢σмє fяєє тσ υѕ❞ -є∂ ѕнєєяαи ♡

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  • sinkingships__

    DIRECTIONERS! I need your help. Anti Channel four.

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    So I'm starting a documentary that's completely against the 'Crazy About 1D' documentary. And I really need fans to help. Please click here and help me, you can submit and be a part of this video. It would mean the world to me.


    If you don't have Wattpad and you don't want to make one, just read the stuff on there and message me here. (: thanks.

    xx. Alyssa
    7 years ago
    Some of these crazy directioners were telling Alex Gaskarth (frontman of All Tome Low) that he was the reason his older brother killed himself, all because he didn't like their song Little Things. They also said that Kenadee Lucker (daughter of Mitchlucker, late frontman of Suicide Silence, died in a motorcycle accident) who is five, should kill herself. We rock fans don't do this to you lot. Sure we think that they're all queer and you lot can be OTT, but we don't tell five year old girls to kill themselves.
    7 years ago
    There are some pretty crazy directioners XD I like rock bands and bands like Pendulum and Imagine Dragons. I also like Taylor Swift and Paramore, that's why I don't get why I like One Direction XD A year ago I hated their guts and hated their music XD I have no idea what happened :L thank god I'm not a crazy directioner. Maybe it's just the One Direction Infection people get and it causes them to go crazy for 1D XD
    7 years ago
    Hiiiiiii please can I help? I just don't have wattpad and it wont let me make an account right now xx
  • sinkingships__
    Oh my gosh, you guys are amazing (: I love you all so much. I'll update soon.

    xx. Alyssa
    The Killer's Son // Harry Styles
    The Killer's Son...
    Alison Carter was just a regular Daddy's girl. Until her dad was taken away from her. What'll happen when she thinks her mom's boyfriend may have killed her dad? How will she react when she falls for someone...
  • sinkingships__

    I'm a new girl ;D

    So I'm Alyssa, I like One Direction and Ed Sheeran. I want some friends to talk too (: Or read my story, muahaha. I tried to trick you. But I probably failed. Lol. Be my friend :D

    xx. Alyssa
    Ms Holly
    7 years ago
    Hi, pleased to meet you.
    Alex Catt
    7 years ago
    We have epic writers (I would recommend LittleMsHollywood, Diego<3, Midnight Rogue, TheEndIsWhereWeBegin and Uncle Mitchy Kay), The Brotherhood and... other things that I can't think of :)
    Alex Catt
    7 years ago
    ^What he said :) How could I forget Enya?!
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