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-ˏˋ ✎ some free icons cuz that's what we do here ˎˊ-

since quarantine is great and surprisingly motivating, i made some free icons.

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  • s-a-l-t-i

    mumbled "So sorry for this xD"

    1 weeks agoReply

    golly gee, what is WRONG with me. i'm obsessing over an anime character (is that even surprising??). now it's hinata shoyo, eeeeee he's so admirable i can't-. i don't have a crush or feelings for him, that's for saiko intelli. but he's just so...idek at this point.

    edit: just realized what he is. a determined cinnamon roll with cheeto dust for hair :p
  • s-a-l-t-i

    mumbled "Pretty Irrelevant "

    2 weeks agoReply

    sooo, my hair got chop chop. it was way too long beforehand, and my girlfriend forced me to get it cut :'). so here it is. obviously no face is shown, privacy reasons.
  • s-a-l-t-i

    mumbled "More, more Hamilton. Yay"

    2 weeks agoReply

    So, there's around 15-17 days until the Hamilton movie! I'm part of a group, so that's why I found out heh...But yeah. I'll be crying when it happens, but my wonderful King George III will be there so it's fine.
  • s-a-l-t-i

    mumbled "Hamilton"

    1 months agoReply

    I am absolutely ecstatic for the Hamilton movie. It's so exciting to be able to relive that moment when I was just sitting in New York's Broadway Theatre, singing along to the musical. Though we have around a month to wait, it's still something I'm constantly thinking about.
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