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Welcome to our profile and thank you for taking the time to glance our way! (Yes, our, there are two of us.)

Just two teenage girls, who want so much more than this provincial life. Professional fangirls (don’t get us started), productive procrastinators (they exist!) and Disney addicts (in need of Flynn Rider).

A hopeless romantic and hopeless cynic, who are word perfect to Les Miserables and obsessed with Tumblr respectively.

Oh, yeah, we also write stories (and like to ship our own characters like they were real people, purely because we can).

Please check out our story ‘Le Spy Book’, the title of which is the product of a lack of inspiration, we know, and leave us a comment and like it! Free virtual cookies and marshmallow fluff to all of you who do!

Have a nice day and DFTBA!

- sincerelymoi xx

  • sincerelymoi

    mumbled "Newbie!"

    So yet again, a new learning curve begins. Like, how do you use this site?! It's almost midnight and I'm still puzzling it out.
    Anyway, please check out our first ever story on movellas: Le Spy Book, for a story about teen girls who discover their parents are spies and have to clear their names.
    Thanks and DFTBA all of you!
    5 years ago
    just ask away. I have a lot of answers to tell
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