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Hey there! I'm just here to read and write. One Direction took over my life, therefore I may write about them a lot.

If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.

I don't think you can really define love.
~Harry Styles

  • SimplyBeingMe
    I was always Team Harry throughout these books but, I think that my mind has changed within the last few chapters. I'm definitely Team Niall now! He treats her so right, he's waited for her even though she's broke his heart numerous times and through it all, he loves her more than anything. It has to be Team Niall for me now. They belong together.
    This Is It (The Tour Sequel)
    This Is It (The...
    It's all ending. The tour, the relationships, the friendships. It's all ending. You didn't think things could get any more twisted did you? Well, you're wrong. Who will Megan end up with? Who will end...
  • SimplyBeingMe
    Hey! You commented on my Movella 'Please Don't Say You Love Me' and asked me to check this out. Honestly, I think it's great. It has a good storyline so far and I like the fact that the boys aren't famous to begin with. Great job! :) (I've also favourited)
    The wallflower. That's all I am. I shouldn't even think about trying to get him. The captain of all the sports teams, senior class president, smartest boy in the class, completely out of your league. He...
    6 years ago
    Thank you! I'm glad you like it!(:
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