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Well! First; I am crazy! That's so nuts and I know :D
I am known for my humour, my dizzying (<--- blah) smile and my laughter XD
My imagination is wild and loud and has no limits (as if)
The following quotation defines my stories (I think)
"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you really must write it." Toni Morrison.
I am a hopeless romantic (Am I now?) & I am always keen to space out to the annoyance of my siblings (Hah!).
I like everything to be tidy and clean but you can ALWAYS find dust on the shelves! So that's REALLY "???" because my siblings call me a cleaning freak, though it's only because I don't want crumbs on the carpet and to actually be able to walk inside my room by touching the floor without stumbling on whatnots and everything!
So ... that's like me in a nutcase.
Did I mention that I like to read and write and drool? XD
If you're a book nerd and want to recommend/discuss/discover books you might want to check this group out, called: Book Nerds.. :)

PS: (If you want me to read something of yours, I will. But if you want a comment it won't be more or less than your comment on my story. Go figure.)

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    I don't even know why I am trying to hold up this club when no one wants to write reviews (but me, but now I don't want to) and when everyone wants to share their own movellas here.
    Please do follow these rules.
    And I am not going to say: If you don't do that I will... because I will not do anything but delete your movellas and that'll take a lot of time but I will do it.
    And when I tire of this agony of no one listening I will - if I can - delete this group.
    So much thank you for being "members".
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    mumbled "Absence"

    Five years from now you can reach me at my clinic on the corner of Dentist Street and Future, no. 596. Not the yellow building and not the hideous pink, either. The cute, black one that looks like a little cozy house.

    Who would have thought that I would become a dentist.
    Not me, I am sure.
    I have been absent and I will mostly be absent in the future due to the unnerving and boring education of dentistry (kind of and not completely, but still)
    And who cares.
    But this is why and it's a really sad why, but nothing can be (un)done.
    I am sorry (especially to AutumnFyre) who made a comment on my newest movella and never got an answer. I am sorry.
    And I am also sorry because I am not going to be able to read your fantastic movella(s) right now.. So..
    This was like a kind of somethingy that I wanted to write..

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    Magnificient! You made me log in again after I had logged out!
    This is just WOW!
    Your poem made me fly from bonfires to giggling children to me laughing while reading a book! Your poetry is a magical carpet that flies people everywhere.
    I can sing praises of this poem. It is so wondrous!
    The language is full of everything and I really, really loved it!
    The Story
    The Story
    My poem was inspired by my love and passion for stories so here I attempted to capture that magic. I also tried to intertwine some of the Olympic themes hence "Inspire a generation" etc This is my...
    7 years ago
    awh thankyou so much! I'm glad you liked it - that's exactly the kinda of image I wanted to create. The way stories have travelled through time :D
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    It kind of reminds me of these revolutions happening these days ... Even though a little bit of it doesn't have anything to do with that... I am wondering what inspired you to write this poem?

    True and sharp... Liked ;)
    False King
    False King
    Entered the poetry contest! Please like and fav!!!!
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