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I like to write obviously, and I like to listen to music, rock mostly, but I can stand a couple of other songs from different genera's. I like to draw, but I'm no good at it, and my favorite band is a tie between Evanescence and Paramore. I'm introverted, except when I'm online, in that case I can get just a tiny bit out of hand, just a bit. Don't be afraid to talk to me, because if you've kept reading this long I probably won't hate you. Read my stuff if you want, but I'd prefer having stuff recommended to me, (yes your own work) because I'm finding it really hard to locate a finished vampire book that isn't about one direction. or any good book that isn't about one direction, so if you have one PLEASE tell me about it, I don't have an infinite amount of time to try and find a good book.
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    mumbled "Question..."

    Is a reference to drunkenness cause for a yellow rating? It's not even describing the actual act, a Character just stumbles in drunk, is that considered mature content? I don't want to rate my story as green if it need to be yellow.
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    mumbled "GREAT NEWS"

    I'm going to Updated Lovely Little Psychopath soon. :) I got an idea, and took some time out of my whirlwind typing to let you know that the drought is over, and another chapter is coming!!
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    mumbled "When I'm looking for a good fan fiction"

    I get all excited when I see the name Harry, and immediately start reading, only to discover that rather than a Harry Potter fan fiction I am reading a Harry _______(The One Direction Bloke) fan fiction, and I feel sad.
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    mumbled "Houston we have a problem..."

    So, I drafted up a little bit for the next Chapter of Lovely Little Psychopath, but I went to put it here, and it won't let me open my previously saved draft and add the new bits to it, so I'm just a tad bummed. :(
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