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I love to read and write. If I could, I would read for my entire life.
Please read my movellas and feel free to comment on anything.

  • SierraNovels
    Really nice story. I wanted to know if you are planning to write more to it.
    Cat's Eye
    Cat's Eye
    There has always been something different and unusual about Miranda Wilkson. Her mother went missing when she was young and her father became a drunk. She doesn't have many friends, and prefers sweatshirts...
  • SierraNovels
    Your movellas are so simple and easy flowing. Its like every word came straight from your heart. :)
    A Bench For Two
    A Bench For Two
    It was nothing at first. Then it grew bigger. The contours. The edges. Everything became clear. Though only one question remained. And only one of them knew what it meant. 'A Bench For Two'...
  • SierraNovels
    Please write the next chapter soon.. I am really waiting for it
    To My Very Last Breath
    To My Very Last...
    Amy is the popular girl, the class favourite but when a new girl comes and takes that position, she is willing to do anything to get back to the top...read on to find out
  • SierraNovels
    I guess those who have been touched by Harry Potter will never have to mourn its loss. I still turn to Harry Potter when I am stuck in my stories, even when I am feeling bad.
    I really loved your movella. It is like what I would love to have written but never thought of. Thanks for writing this piece.
    Could you check on my movella 'The Unwanted Legacy'. It is also for the legacy competition.
    The legacy of Harry Potter
    The legacy of Harr...
    My first entry for the Legacy competition. Harry Potter will forever be my childhood.
    8 years ago
    Thank you so much for your comment and I'm still obsessed by Harry Potter as well! And yes I'd love to.
  • SierraNovels
    It felt like reading a teen novel. I loved this one. Btw, did you place in the competition, because I think you should have. I have not read other entries, though. :)
    You Don't Know You're Beautiful
    You Don't Know You...
    Robyn had never been much of a Directioner, it had always been her best friend Jess who had been crazy about the band, but when she is at LA for the summer, she unexpectedly runs into Harry Styles in a...
    8 years ago
    Thank you :D
    No I didn't place, never thought I would because a lot of the other entries were very good. Did you read the winners' stories - they're brilliant! But thanks for reading anyway :)
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