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Hola, fellow readers! I'm Siobhân and one of my passions is writing. I write about everything and anything, deeply enjoy reading romance novels and always put my dreams on paper. Hey, what's life without a little dreaming?
To add to my list of passions, I love Spanish (writing, speaking etc.), I love to play, write and listen to music. Fashion is also a large part of my life. I like to keep on top of the lastest trends and spend half of my life in a shopping centre.
Some people hate school, but I think that school is a very inspirational place. I get some of my best ideas at school, and school holds friends and teachers who want to help steer you onto the path of sucess.

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    End Credits- Chase & Status
    Misguided Ghosts- Paramore
    Mad World
    Little Black Submarines- The Black Keys
    Amie- Damien Rice
    Skin and Bones- Foo Fighters
    What Are You Waiting For?- Gwen Stefani
    Pick Up Your Broken Heart- Newton Faulkner
    Unconditional- Ne-Yo
    Vesper's Goodbye- Nick Jonas & The Administration
    Teenage Icon- The Vaccines
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    Oh, and What Now by Rihanna.
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    mumbled "CHINA 2013!"

    So, it is 2 days until we break up from school for Easter, and it's only 3 days until I'm off to China for a week! I'm SUPER EXCITED! :D
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    Very nice. Good writing and a very good plot. I like the title too. Did you get it from Pretty Little Liars by any chance? :)
    Two Can't Keep a Secret If One of Them is Dead
    Two Can't Keep a...
    "Distancing myself is the only way that I won't spill over, like pouring a can of soda into a bottle cap. They wonder what's wrong with me, but I laugh, because the answer to that is so much greater than...
    N. Herbert
    6 years ago
    I actually came up with the idea from the song Secrets by The Pierces (which is the theme song, incidentally). And thank you so much!
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    It's really good. Your style is great, and it's a genre I would never dream of tackling. I admire you for absolutely smashing it. Well done. The description is long and beautiful, but clean cut at the same time. Usually, I'm not one for this genre, but you may have converted me.x :)
    Stay strong...
    Stay strong...
    My enterie for the fantasie competition!!! xoox :D Amelia is strong, beautiful, wise and modest. She is also soft, forgiving and weak. But the night her family dies, everything changes. She will kill...
    6 years ago
    thank you :) that means a lot too me xxxx
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