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So yeah, hi.
I'm a socially awkward person, except on the internet... Then I'm safe.
I didn't actually want to join movellas first off, I admit, but my friend persuaded me and I'm glad she did. I think I was put off by the amount of one direction stuff. It was kind of strange.
I don't really like one direction, but if you do, I'm not going to hate you automatically. My friend Alex likes one direction and I love her like a sister.

Not as a girlfriend. I'm gay. If you're homophobic, I'm sorry about that. You're kind of crazy. So yeah, that's me. My actual name is Jordan so you can call me that if ya really want to.


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    I'd love to have Captivating *Completed* sent to me by Alex.Browning - it's such an amazing book!
    CaptivatingI have no-one. I am no-one. The one that is supposed to love me, deserted me. My family are gone - cruelly taken from me when I was just five years old....
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