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One for anger, one for sadness, one for riddles, one for answers, one for love, one for abandonment, and the most often used one for pain.
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  • SevenTongues

    mumbled "Hey, semi-important."

    Sorry I haven't been on lately. I don't know how long it's been... Anyway, my phone is screwing up and not letting me check my fifty-nine notifications for anything important that I might have missed.
    Oh, and my tech teacher had us start blogs as an assignment. I think getting people outside of school to view it is extra credit, so if anyone wants to check it out, I appreciate it.
  • SevenTongues
    Hey. I've found a very well written story with an interesting premise. It is hauntingly dark, but in a fascinating way. I couldn't stop reading it, I ravenously wanted more and more of the story. Do you want the link?
    Jack Wordsmi⊥н
    Sure, I'd be willing to give it a read
    3 years ago
    The Demon with my Brother's FaceSimon sometimes wonders what his sixth brother would have looked like. His teacher said he should draw a picture. So he did.
    Here it is.
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