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Hi everyone.
i'm not really used to write, this is my first experience and i'm trying to have fun writing and letting my feelings out through it.
I appreciate every like, comment.. and critic. It helps really to improve and ameliorate myself
Thank you everyone

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    This is really os touching and moving, I nearly cried reading it, it made my heart feel so tight...
    I'm really speechless, i can't even describ my feeling right...
    I'm waiting for the rest... don't make us wait for too long
    peace, Love <3
    for those forgotten.
    for those forgotte...
    my mother named me jenna after the heavens, after the beauty that peeked through slivers of earth and hope. she named me jenna because she knew that one day i would bring light to the the forgotten souls,...
  • iscarletss02
    Very excited to the next chap :DD i just can't wait
    That's Not How It Goes
    That's Not How It...
    People say life is an amazing journey. I bet those same people have never been through the same shit I have.
    3 years ago
    Thank you! I will update soon.
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