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  • savannah Rose
    I this a good book, and tbh my name is savannah but i still like the, book can u write more plz?????
    What Have You Done.? *punk afi*
    What Have You Done...
    "Fuck off Irwin." I say annoyed. "I don't think so babe." He pulls me closer to his chest. "Let go of me." I groaned trying to get out his grip. He chuckles leaning his head down connecting...
  • savannah Rose
    cool my younger brothers name is Austin but he is 9 and has autism
    Sex Ed 2 [spin-off]
    Sex Ed 2 [spin-off...
    Home is where the heart is. And if it's not where the heart is, it's where a bunch of disorganized children are. [Sex Ed Spinoff]
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