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✿ phan is still life idgaf ✿

  • heartsaf
    5 years agoReply
    Oh my god, I love it so much!
    Phan drabbles
    Phan drabbles
    A couple of small Phan drabbles. Or blurbs? Whatever they're called here. Rather innocent but they are lovers, after all. Or so they are in these drabbles.
  • heartsaf
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    title; Change Me
    author: Sara Alyssa
    genre: romance
    no link
    ideas: i like your The Fire Within cover so something along that line? <3
    thank you! :D
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  • heartsaf
    5 years agoReply
    username: heartsaf (but i dont want it to be on the cover)
    title: Change Me
    Blurb: you dont have to put it on the cover! :D
    ideas: i was thinking of dark romance, wih 2 characters (male & female) overlaying. at the font would be elegant (im asking for too much im so sorry)
    mood: intense
    setting: our time :D

    thanks so much!
    :: covers ::
    :: covers ::
    hey there c: 6th most popular cover store
    5 years ago
    Umm, can you give me more detail? Like anyone people specifically?
  • heartsaf
    5 years agoReply
    Title: Change Me
    Author: dont want on cover
    Link: not published yet
    Idea: i was thinking of dark romance? (but not too dark, hope you got the idea), with 2 characters (female & male) overlaying and the font is something elegant? (i feel like i asked for too much im so sorry!)

    no subs or taglines.
    thanks so much!
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  • heartsaf
    5 years agoReply
    Title: Change Me
    Author's name: heartsaf
    How to look: anything you feel will fit, i dont really have a specific look with 2 characters (a male and female) overlaying and the font is something elegant?
    Character: just 2 characters (female & male), no one specific
    Theme: Dark romance i think
    no quotes :)

    Thank you & God bless!
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