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Music is lifeeeee
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That awkward moment when people think you're listening but you're just dreaming about Harry Styles.
Don't ever insult people's idols, they could be the reason they're alive.
~Fangirling- aksjdgkwjshab
Dont let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.
Stay true to yourself
Dont worry. be happy, drink Pepsi, be sexxxyyy
Just in case no one told you today
Youre beautiful
I love you
And nice butttt :)
Chin up, beautiful.
You guys are titally my bootyful breast friends (i know, Im immature)
Love you all my little minions, xx

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    I love your writing, Gill because it is always so unique and different to read. You're such an extremely talented writer and you inspire me alot. xxx :)
    "I can't remember a life before you, but then it hit me." © Copyright of Orange Beanie 2014. All Rights Reserved.
    Orange Beanie
    6 years ago
    Thank you!!! I wouldn't be around here anymore if I didn't get such amazing support from all of you(:
    6 years ago
    Youre welcome :)
  • SarahJessica1d
    Do you have Instagram or kik?
    Free Coverstore!
    Free Coverstore!
    Hello, so I opened a cover store! I have examples of my work on the first chapter and if you want one, just follow the rules also listed on the first chapter! :)
    6 years ago
    Im going to be writing a story but people cant like know the poiint of the story until like second/third chapter and i dont want to give it away. I know its stupid lmao
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    mumbled "Coming July 5th to Movellas!"

    Coming July 5th to Movellasssss
    Brooklyn Hope Parker is not your average teenager.
    Liam Payne, well, he is a normal guy.
    When their worlds collided for the first time, he liked her.
    She...well she didn't know.
    He didn't know. He didn't know anything about her but he felt a connection.
    She's locked up. Hiding her true self from the world, but then again, the world hides from her.
    There was something intriguing about her. And he wished to find out what.
    But after closing herself off for so long...why would she open up to a stranger.

    Guysssss I'm so exciteddddd.
    Btw babes, 30th fan gets a shoutout so make SUREEE to fan people
    Sarah x
  • SarahJessica1d

    mumbled "NEW MOVELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    SOOOOOO one of the new movellas I am going to be writing this summer is a Liam Payne fanfiction.
    I am literally so super duper huger moojer excited wuttttt
    Hopefully since Im annoying and I never uploaded the blurbs Ill tryyy to soooon!
    Sooo I need all my little minions to help me decide her name :)
    Her first name will be Brooklyn :)
    and for the middle name its between
    Her last name by the way will be Parker.
    BY THE WAY BABES!!!!****************************
    Just because Im writing a Liam fanfic doesn't mean a Niall one isn't coming on later in the summer :)
    I'm trying to write Two Voices One Song as much as possible right now but with finals its kind of hard. I'm a little tired of the series tbh but I don't want to let them go at the same time, ya feel me?
    I did think of what the third book WOULD be like if I end up writing on- its a bit of a twist and I think its pretty cool :)
    SOooooo maybe I will write the third book like at the end of the summer? September/October?Novemberish? I don't know guyssssss.
    Ok sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    (I think Im a little hyper today ^^^^^)
    hopefully the blurbs later!
    Stay strong everyone because youre beautiful and I love you, my minions.
    Sarah xxx
  • SarahJessica1d

    mumbled "New booooks"

    So besides for finishing Two Voices One Song (hoping to be done by July)
    I have three choices of New movellasss yas
    I will upload the blurbs later
    But I'll give you a but of a hint now
    Niall fanfic - :)))))))
    Liam fanfic - :)))))))
    Harry fanfic - :)))))) - If you guys want a third book to the Inseparable series, and I also have a new idea.
    I feel like the Niall/Liam fanfic is more likely now because Im not so sure about the Harry one.
    But just to let y'all knoww ------- I may have a cover contestttttt yas
    So Ill upload the blurbs later ;) and you guys will decided
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