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My name is Sarah and I'm an aspiring writer, working myself towards the IB Diploma, and a future in law or business. I love writing, and always has, and to me it could never be something I would study. I just love it too much, and fear that going too deep into it, and studying it too much, would make it boring to me. So here I am, writing stories where I only know the core components, and my fingers just type the story, and it unfolds before my eyes. I find inspiration almost anywhere: books I've read, events which I've experienced myself, or stories I've been told. Therefore, don't ever expect fanfictions from me other than those for competitions. I love original works, works which stand out from the crowd, and that's where my aim is: to write that little something which is unique.

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    mumbled "Finally Finished Chapter 7!"

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    Hey beauties!
    I'm happy to announce that I finally finished writing chapter 7 for my story Disguised!
    I am so excited about this chapter, because everything is turned upside down for Elisabeth! I will not spoil too much, though it is indeed very tempting! So please read it, and feel free to leave a tonne of feedback!
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    mumbled "Started Writing After A Long Break"

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    Hey guys!
    I just wanted to make a short note that I had a short break from writing because I started in school again, and therefore had to focus on getting a good start! The IB is very demanding though...
    I have started writing seventh chapter of "Disguised" so yeah! I hope you have some patience with me.

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    mumbled "Chapter 6 and "DIsguised" Playlist on Spotify!"

    Hey folks!
    I thought that I would just say that I'm happy to announce that I finally finished chapter 6 after a few days without any progress on the story!
    I felt that I would make a playlist on Spotify, as to give all the music that is mentioned in the story to you guys! Listen to the playlist whilst reading the story, or just the song as things are happening in the story. Nothing's more terrible than reading a story with many music references and not knowing the piece of music mentioned, because these always set the stage for the story's moment.
    Well, I hope you enjoy Chapter 6! :D


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    mumbled "Holy Cow, 2 Chapter In a Day! (Disguised)"

    Dear fans, other movellians and so on!
    I have now accomplished what I thought I wouldn't make today: I have just now uploaded the fifth chapter for my story 'Disguised'. It's going to be steamy, put Elisabeth to the edge of all she knows. I hope you'll check it out, and please feel free to leave a comment with some criticism, I'd love that!

    Cheers, and goodnight!
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    mumbled "Secrets Being Revealed, Disguised Chapter Four"

    Hey all!

    I'm so happy to announce that I finished chapter four of 'Disguised' now, and I'm really excited about where the story is going now, and I hope you are as well! Please check it out, and also feel free to leave a response to the story, what you feel about it for example!

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