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Sam was creating stories even at a young age. In high school, he wrote a few short pieces (they were terrible). In college, he wrote several more short pieces (also terrible). Once he entered the workforce, he didn't write as much until 2007 when he tried his hand at novel-writing (while he never finished it, the writing wasn't quite as terrible this time). Finally, it 2008 he finished a draft of the fantasy-adventure novel, The Thief and Red Mandolin, and self-published it in 2009.

As it turned out, people liked it so much that he wrote a sequel, The Island of Istburn, and published it in 2010. Then, wanting to try his hand at something a little different, he wrote and published the science fiction themed Project R in 2011. While people liked that one too, they kept bugging him about another book in his first series. He is currently working on the third and final volume of the Black Armor Tales.

Currently, Sam splits his time between writing, working in a cubicle, and training and teaching Tae Kwon Do. When time allows, he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his awesome wife and newborn daughter. They live in the American Midwest and have an overwight cat and an overly-sensitive dog. Life is good.

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